Home Whitening Kits

Home Whitening Kits


The Smartphone Whitening Kit is perfect for aftercare maintenance as well as offering a solution to home whitening. Your teeth will be visibly whiter after each use.

√ Simple and easy to use

√ FDA approved

√ Zero sensitivity

√ Removes coffee and smoke stains

√ Enamel safe formula

√ Guaranteed or money back


Effective and simple 3 step process:

STEP 1. Apply teeth whitening gel to teeth. (twist bottom of pen to release gel to brush tip)

STEP 2. Place LED mouth tray into mouth.

STEP 3. Plug LED mouth tray into phone or device to begin whitening.



1 – Mouth tray LED light and adapter

3 – 2 mL whitening gel pens 35% Cp

1 – User manual

1 – shade guide

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